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Summer Glow: NARS Copacabana Illuminator

You may have noticed from yesterdays post that I love glowing makeup especially in the summer as it just looks stunning when the sun is shining. Luckily mother nature is on my side having blessed me with oily skin and its really not that bad if you work with it (have a read at this post from Into the Gloss) but I just can't stop myself layering on some extra glow from a tube!  There is so many ways to apply this; you can apply it before you apply your base or you can mix it with your foundation and you can apply it after your makeup to your cheekbones etc. I have tried all the methods and I love them all but I have been using this on my colar bones and the tops of my shoulders and it leaves a beautiful sunkissed sheen. 
Copacabana is a pale, pinked toned illuminator but they do have other shades available that may suit your skintone better. 
Nars Cosmetics can be purchaced from or via

Double up: Chantecaille & Laura Mercier

Summer is here and it's time to shop my makeup stash...
Although I have oily and acne prone skin I hate a heavy or overly matte foundation in the summer because lets face it having a trowel load of makeup sweat off your face is not attractive. I like to keep the face makeup minimal and light so I can focus more on the eyes with some winged eyeliner or with a bold statement lip.
To achieve this I have been wearing a tinted moisturiser... well two tinted moisturisers; the Chantecaille Just Skin Anti Smog Tinted Moisturiser in the shade Bliss and the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser in the colour Bisque. When I wear these alone I just cant seem to make them work the Chantecaille Just Skin is too pale in colour with peach undertones and a little thick in consistency for a tinted moisturiser although great if you need extra coverage and the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser is too dark for my skin. I mixed them to get my perfect shade (half a pea size of both) then applied wit…