Products I regret buying: Foundation

Although these foundations don't work for me they may work wonders for others. 

Bourjois healthy mix 
I wanted to adore this foundation as it has been raved about in the blogosphere but I just doesn't work for me. Now I have very pale skin but I do sometimes buy foundations that are a shade darker to accommodate my skin when I apply self tan but this was the lightest shade Bourjois have to offer and I found that it oxidised and turned a horrible dark pink tone. As for lasting power I'm not going to slate it for my skin getting oily really quickly because this is a hydrating foundation and I do have combination skin ...however, I have dry skin around my lips and this wore off relatively quickly leaving a white rim around my mouth that looked horrendous due to the oxidised foundation on the rest of my face. 

Clinique anti-blemish solutions
At this start of this year I experienced a really bad break out that spread all the way down my neck and onto my chest so off I popped to Clinique where I bought pretty much the entire anti-blemish solutions line; I had a personal consultation and together we determined what would work best on my skin. My face only got worse but I persisted as sometimes skincare products can break you out before they "fix" it (if you still break out after 2 weeks stop using the product) but after 2 weeks I noticed "different" spots, I now had large, red, swollen bumps that you couldn't burst and they where on areas of my face that I don't usually get breakouts. 
Sad to say that was my only problem with this foundation.

Illamasqua skin base 
I don't have much to say about this foundation, it didn't break me out or oxidise but I found it really difficult to blend and it stuck to dry patches on my cheeks and mouth and it left my other products such as bronzer looking "patchy". 

L'Oréal Nude Magique BB cream
I know this isn't a foundation but I thought I would include it as it is a face product and I wouldn't repurchase it. You can only buy this in 2 colours, one for light skin tones and one for medium skin tones; I bought the one for light skin tones and I did test it in Boots but this is my biggest problem... it always looks like it matches in that lighting! When you squeeze the cream out of the tube you get a white/grey cream and when you blend it into your skin it begins to change into a "skin tone" but on my skin this shade was orange, I can blend it and try to make it look ok but by this time I have irritated my skin leaving it very red! Other than that, I don't like this as a BB cream, it is very, very similar to Origins GinZing moisturiser only the Origins one has a much more pleasant smell. 

I hope you found this post informative, thanks for reading. 

T'raaa x  


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