A moment of madness: Cut your hair at home

rLets face it, in a whim we can all do something a little bit crazy! 

So this all began last year... I would go to the hairdressers ask for a "trim" and there something about that word that hairdresser think you asked for a shoulder cut or a bob. I would be polite in the salon then walk out and feel bald (bit dramatic but I would be annoyed). 

I bought VOGUE magazine and one article was "cut your hair at home" and thats exactly what I did and I have never returned to a salon I even use boxed dyes because their not as damaging to my hair due to a lower percentage of chemicals used. 

On to what happened - my Gran was a hairdresser so she has countless pairs of professional scissors so one night I grabbed a pair, pulled my hair round to the front of my shoulders and chopped away taking off about 2-3" (this was how much I needed to take off). I have previously had layers in my hair so I cut the same length off them too to keep a layered look. I do all this when my hair is DRY as I feel that doing it this way gives a more choppy, textured look. The biggest trick I learned to ensure you don't cut off too much was too NEVER pull your hair - just loosely hold it and cut. The next time you wash your hair brush your hair while its wet and see if the ends need to be tidied up. Remember... never pull hair! 

If your brave enough give it a go and you might save some pennies! 


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