A summer scent: Diptyque Philosykos

Aside from the smell of the seaside, hotdogs and melted sticky ice-cream nothing smells more like summer than this little beauty!

After seeing this appear on almost every blog and in tons of magazines I finally caved! The first blog I spotted this on is my favourite and I knew I had to have it because I have been so pleased with my perfume purchases that She has reviewed before, think Eccentric Molecules 01 & Tom Ford Santal Blush.

This is a fig-y fragrance, if you love fig notes in your perfume then you'll love this. I was disappointed  to begin with... The only way I can describe the smell is very "earthy" with a splash of coconut and in the middle of December it didn't exactly fit, I just found the leafy smell a little to overwhelming. However in May it just works perfectly (even when i's a dull rainy day in May).

As silly as it sounds this perfume lifts your spirits on a dull summers day because every so often you catch a breeze of summer in Paris.

As I said before, I don't think this works in the winter months but thanks to another of my favourite blogs I spotted the wonderful idea of mixing this with Eccentric Molecules 01. Doing this brings out the more muskier notes that just sit perfectly on the skin on colder days.

Diptyque's description:
In the heat of a Greek summer, “to get to the sea,” recalls Yves, “you had to walk through a natural orchard of wild fig trees.” Returning from Paris, Desmond brought back a few leaves of these trees in a little box. Years later, the leaves had lost none of their fragrance. Philosykos, which in Greek means “friend of the fig tree,” is an ode to the entire tree: the green, pungent freshness of the leaves, the wood warmed in the sun, the milky flavor of the fruit. 

You can pick this up at any Diptyque store or counter. I got mine from SpaceNK

Whats your thoughts on this fragrance? Whats your favourite sent this summer? 

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