BB Creams are taking the makeup world by storm! Makeup brands from both drugstores and department stores are creating this new lightweight answer to foundation.

I first heard about BB Creams a few years ago before they became so popular but you could only source them through eBay and Amazon and I was sceptical and decided not to bother purchasing any, however now they are widely available and hard to resist. I followed the hype and chose to go with the Dior one - setting me back £30, but was it worth it?!

Yes! Unfortunately the colour rage isn't great with Dior only releasing three shades; 001 is a pink tone, 002 is a yellow tone and 003 is for the more tanned women amongst us. I opted for shade 001 but I'm considering buying 002 so I can mix the two and create my perfect shade.

I have very oily skin and in the past I have suffered from acne so I have scaring along my forehead, on my chin and around my mouth so when buying a base I like to ensure it is going to discuise my scars and stay on my face - something that I have found to be impossible!

I worked this onto my skin using my fingers as this seemed to give the nicest finish on my skin, it isn't matte but I found it to set quickly. I still need to set it with a powder but I am trying to steer away from the matte finish and embrace my oiliness during the summer months. I can get about 3 hours wear of this until I need to blot away the oil around my t-zone. It's very lightweight so it doesn't feel "cakey" on the skin so if my skin plays up and decides to be mega oily then I can dab on a little extra powder without overdoing it.

Colour choices: 3/10
Application: 10/10
Lasting power: 6/10

Look out for my next BB Cream review... Could it be a contender?

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