Beach hair: Bumble and bumble

The tousled/bed-head look never gets old and now that summer is just around the corner I have gathered together my favourite Bumble and bumble products that I use to achieve the perfect tousled look.

Bb thickening - This is a hairspray that you spray onto damp hair. I spray this onto towel-dried hair, brush through then blast my hair dry tipping my head upside down and brushing my finger through as I do so. This leaves my hair feeling thicker and fuller at the roots giving my flat hair a much needed lift! I love this thickening spray because it doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy or full of product, once its dry it is practically undetectable!

Bumble South Surf spray - This is the next product I use and I spray this onto dry hair and I use both hands to scrunch my hair to create that messy beach hair. I will often switch this up with the thickening hairspray, using this in towel-dried hair and the hairspray in dry hair although you can feel this product when your hair is dried, it leaves your hair with an odd almost drying texture however just like the hairspray it is very lightweight and doesn't weigh your hair down! Thumbs up!

Bb texture - Finally the last product I use is this hair (un) dressing creme. It is a thick creme that again is supposed to be applied to damp hair, however I use this on second day hair to regain "oomph" I rub this between my hand and just like the surf spray I scrunch my hair and run my fingers through my roots and this just picks my hair back up and adds a little shine which is great because when my hair needs washed it tends to look a little dull! Unlike the other products you can definitely feel this in your hair and I do need to be careful with the amount I use because too much would weigh my hair down resulting in the opposite of what I want to achieve. If you are going to use this on dry hair do make sure you distribute it evenly throughout your hair as it tends to stick hair together and dry very quickly and rats tails are not so attractive!

Bumble and bumble is available at Boots and SpaceNK 

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  1. So glad I came across this review, I've been trying to find the perfect products to achieve this look for my holiday!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo


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